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We believe in a team approach that will deliver more buyers for when selling a Cape Cod property

We know that over 80% of buyers are doing online research before they contact an agent. Our team has a full time marketing and technology department that will be specifically positioning and promoting your property on the internet to get them in front of interested buyers. Our vast network also includes home stagers, elite photographers and drone specialists, historical home specialists, environmental engineers, and award winning architects and premier builders – all at the ready to help advise you when prepping your home for sale.

Rather than a group of agents all working at the same task, we employ over 10 full time team members, each with their own area of expertise. With a full time, seasoned listing agent you can be sure that you will receive the undivided attention that your home deserves.

8 signs you should hire that Realtor

How can you tell whether a Realtor is the right fit, and that they’re not going to disappoint you? Look for these 8 signs.

1. They get back to you right away.

“We can’t come to the phone right now. Please record your message and we’ll get back to you…” That’s the last thing you want to hear when you’re trying to accept an offer on your house, or chomping at the bit for a response on a counteroffer.

That’s why “What’s your response time?” is one of the first questions you need to ask every agent you interview. You might just be surprised by the answers you get!

2. They’ve got experience in your price point and property type.

The right agent with the right knowledge and experience can likely sell your house faster and for more money than the typical area agent. But what qualifies as the “right” experience? Surprisingly, it’s not just about finding a Realtor who’s sold a ton of houses.

It’s important to hire an agent experienced in selling within your home’s specific price point, property type, and location. That agent will know what buyers are looking for in homes like yours, and how fast homes are selling in your area. They’ll also know how best to show your home.

3. Their stats don’t lie.

Every agent who you interview is going to want the job of selling your home, so they’re going to highlight their most relevant sales — but don’t just take their word for it. It’s vital that you do your own research and check out their full stats history.

4. Their comparative market analysis (CMA) holds up to questioning.

Agents won’t just come to their interviews armed with their personal stats, they’ll bring a comparative market analysis (CMA) with them, too, and you need to go over that data with a fine tooth comb — because the CMA is the data your agent will use to set your list price.

A CMA is a compilation of comps (recently sold homes comparable in size and location) that’s analyzed to provide a value for your house that you’ll need to set the list price. That value is reached by looking at both the hard data (square footage, lot size, number of rooms, etc.) and more nuanced factors (upgrades, appliance age, curb appeal, lot positioning etc.).

It’s the art of putting a value on those intangibles that requires the expertise of an experienced agent.

5. In the initial walk through, they rattle off recommendations.

One thing to remember when you’re listening to the rundown of your home’s value is that the suggested list price isn’t set in stone. And the right agent will rattle off a list of recommendations on their initial walk through to potentially increase that number.

The right agent won’t just give you a to-do list designed to put your home back into “brand new” condition. Instead, with the right experience and knowledge, an agent can transform your home’s flaws and awkward areas into assets. They’ll also help you maximize value by advising on where to spend and also where not to spend on renovations. That’s where the right agent’s knowledge and experience can assist in picking projects that’ll help your house sell without breaking the bank.

6. Their local connections run deep.

If you’re going to get your home ready to list on a tight timeline you’ll need a great crew — and the right agent can help you with that, too. Every great agent maintains a network of qualified contractors and other home repair experts who know how to meet a deadline and a budget.

That’s why you should ask ask all prospective agents how many of these home prep experts they have in their network:

  • Home stagers (either in-office or who they partner with locally)

  • General contractors

  • Landscapers

  • Interior/exterior house painters

  • Electricians

  • Plumbers

7. Their marketing expertise shines through.

Evaluating an agent’s marketing plan is super important, because you don’t want to hire one who’ll just slap it in the MLS and that’s it. But how do you tell if an agent’s marketing plan is up to snuff?

Start by looking at the days on market for their listings — as well as some of their competition. If your prospective agent’s listings sit on the market for 60+ days, yet competing houses sell in a week or two — that agent probably has no marketing game.

8. In chatting about the neighborhood, you’re surprised by how much they know.

Home buyers aren’t just evaluating how your house will fit their needs, they’re sizing up your neighborhood, too. That’s why you need an agent who knows your neck of the woods like the back of their hand.